Movie Marathon!

Last night my family and I wanted to have our first movie marathon. A movie marathon is where you watch as many movies in one night back to back. Our parents went to be after the. first movie. Anyways, the movies we watched were Ella Enchanted, Enchanted, and Hop. Those three movies were me and my sister’s favorites. They were all old ones that we watched as babies.

Ella Enchanted is kind of like Cinderella but its in a fantasy land where Ella is cursed to do whatever she is told. For example, her step sister told her to give her mother’s necklace to them and because she was cursed she gave it over. Anyways enough spoilers onto  the next movie!

Enchanted is a movie that me and Ela were obsessed with. It’s about a princess that gets pushed into a well and teleports from the cartoon land into New York. Then a bunch of chaos goes on.

Anyways, the last movie we watched was Hop. It’s about a bunny or rabbit who will soon become the easter bunny but doesn’t think he is ready for it. So he runs away to Hollywood. When he is in Hollywood he meets a man who’s family thinks he should get a job and live somewhere else. Then. he meets the bunny and I don’t want to spoil the rest. Thanks for reading though!

Dad’s Birthday!

So on April 9th my dad turned 43. Because he likes this Turkish soccer team named Fenerbahçe and their colors are blue and yellow we put blue and yellow balloons everywhere on him when he was asleep.  That night me and Ela were blowing the balloons and we were laughing so hard I let go of one balloon and because it was almost done it flew everywhere. So that was a bit of a fail.


Anyways we were supposed to do the scavenger hunt when he woke up. Turns out we had to change plans in the middle of the night sooo that was not fun. Eventually though we did get to the scavenger hunt but it was really lame because we wrote really bad clues. So yeah at the end of the day it was a  pretty cheesy birthday.



Another thing about his birthday is he was born on the same day as his older sister just a different year. It was pretty sad though because when she was turning five she couldn’t celebrate because her mom and dad were in the hospital with a brand new baby boy.  Anyways that was my April 9th and it was pretty funny.

10 Miles Of Biking

So a couple days ago my family and I went to Tobacco Trail to bike with my cousin and her family. Turns out the trail stopped at five miles so we decided to bike there and back. I was also really exited about the bike because I just got a new one. It is all black and it is actually really fast and smooth. Now I could beat my sister in a biking race with that bike.

Anyways at the end of every mile there would what you call a gate. At the end of every gate my mom had to take a group photo for her own reasons but still. Near the end of the ten miles I was racing back to the cars but of course, my mean sister has to pass me and be the first one there. Me and her are really competitive and we always go against each other in anything, even homework. Anyways my favorite part of all the biking was at the end because last time I went biking we biked eight miles and I was almost crying. So I liked that I improved a lot in biking.

So that was one of my fun things that I did. Thanks for reading!

Symphony Of The Seas

For spring break my family and I went on the biggest cruise ship in the WORLD. Its called the Symphony Of The Seas. In the cruise ship there were so many cool things like boogie boarding, put put, rock climbing, and way more. We went there with my cousin.

On the ship there were so many people there. About 2,200 crew members were on the ship. Thats ONLY the crew. Because of the Corona virus though about 1,000 people canceled their trip on the cruise. Anyways all in all I think There were 8,200 people on the cruise so I’m still pretty surprised.

Speaking about the Corona virus most people thought that we were going to get sick on the cruise but surprisingly that didn’t happen. Everybody also checked you’re tempeture before you board. So anyways that was my spring break.


A couple weeks ago my sister and I started working on a puzzle for our mom and dad. We had a plan to finish it and show it to them on Valentine’s day. But it ended up with me finishing it and showing them of course. anyways it is a 500 piece puzzle and my sister and I have done puzzles before that had 1000 puzzle pieces in them so this one was easy but fun. My sister and I’s technique for puzzles is to find the corners, connect them and then fill it in part by part until we’re done with it. I was also kind of surprised that my cats didn’t mess it up because they usually do. One time they messed it up so bad so we had to take it apart and start all over again.

I thought that this puzzle would actually make sense because my mom loves stars and constellations. When she was little she wanted to work for NASA and that almost happened but didn’t work. Anyways my dad likes to go camping with me and my sister. We usually go with a group every year and go hiking and when we come home we think its paradise. Anyways, that’s me recently.

Tokyo Fun!

Last summer my family and I went to Tokyo in Japan. There were a lot of different rules there in Tokyo. One of the biggest ones is don’t eat while walking. Apparently, it’s rude to the culture. I remember seeing a sign that even said that if police catches you eating while walking, you would get arrested. Another rule is on escalators you have to stand on the right side while going down and up. It’s like that because in the old times everybody’s sword would be on their right and if you are on the left your sword sticks out which means you want to challenge somebody. Anyways my point is that in Japan there are a lot of different things than in the USA.


When we were there my mom and sister shopped while my dad and I went to arcades and walked. One day we walked thirty thousand steps and we were totally ready to go to sleep. Another day all we did was lay down and chill.



Anyways Tokyo had a lot of anime characters and there were a lot of people dressed up as them. There was even this whole  techno world that had anime pictures on the buildings there were even pictures on the street fences near the construction sites. It was like an anime world.


Anyways Tokyo was probably the craziest place Ive ever been to. There were so many different rules and things.


The California Zoo

A couple of days ago, my family and I went to California for my dad’s work. When we had time with him we went to the zoo because everyone said they loved it. This zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the world.

When we got there we saw koalas, zebras, lions, cheetahs, rhinos, snow leopards, grizzly bears, Kangaroos, giraffes, hippos and more. My personal favorite is the snow leopard. The zoo is designed so that each animal lives in its own natural habitat.

We were also told that the zoo began with a roar. There was a guy a long time ago who her a road behind this giant cover and went to check it out. He figured out that there were 20 forbidden lions and tigers and so he started the zoo.


Near the end of our trip to the zoo, we took the bus tour and we saw everything we forgot to see. We were also told that this zoo fights against extinction. They raised $500,000 and sent it to help with the wildfires in Australia. There was once only 4 more of a certain kind of sea turtle so they sent an agent to deliver babies and now there are 800 of them!

They are not only a zoo, but they also have a nonprofit organization and researchers to protect the animals and wildlife. We didn’t get to go there on our trip though.

Hiking Up A Waterfall

This winter break my family and I went to Asheville for a couple of days. WE didn’t know why but we just wanted to travel a little bit so we chose Asheville. While we were there we wanted to do something out in the woods so we found a waterfall to hike up. It was called Catawba Falls.



When we started the hike it looked pretty easy because it didn’t go uphill or downhill. However the closer we got the harder and steeper it got. There were also rivers where you walk across on the rocks. They were flowing down the path and steep cliffs were also there we got some good photos too. Finally, when we reached the falls we got to walk across the river it flowed into.


When I first saw it I thought, WOW that is tall. We couldn’t go to the top of the falls because people said it was too dangerous and workers there won’t allow you, it was still an awesome view though. There was also this one log that was pushing against others in the middle of the river and it would fall if you pushed it down but you can still sit on it. I was afraid that I would fall.


Christmas Fun!

This winter break I will start working on some crafts that make good Christmas decorations. I learned about these recently so I’m not very good at them but they are still cool.


So the first craft is a melted crayon ornament that looks really colorful. It really is what it sounds like. you melt crayons in a glass ornament and move it around. When it dries you just add the hook and you have an ornament.


The second craft is a homemade little Christmas tree made out of plastic spoons. You can put lights and little ornaments on it. You just fold a paper so it is in the shape of a Christmas tree. After that, you just glue spoons to it and spray paint it green. It looks really nice for any room that you put it in.


The last craft is a Christmas tree made out of green bottles. It’s hard to explain how to do it but you basically cut a green plastic bottle so it looks like a star. Stack multiple cut parts so it looks like a Christmas tree.

Now you know some cool crafts for Christmas. Enjoy decorating!


Little Lions!

Last year for Christmas me and my sister got the best gift ever. We got 2 kittens named Millia and Evelyn. They were born on September 2 and 9. They love to mess stuff up. They are also really fast and sometimes they can sneak into places without you even knowing they are there. After that they usually get trapped.




They were found and rescued in the Umsted State Park.  They were born in different litters but they really seem to be sisters. They always stick together. Their family left them and after that they were in a foster home. We went over and took a look at them and really liked them. They were really shy at first but eventually they started to come to us and cuddle with us.

We didn’t know we would get them so it was still a surprise. Now they walk around the house like they own it. They are 1 year old and they love looking outside.